Just pause and Wonder!

Just stop and Wander!

Spend five minutes on wondering and wandering on the topic/task you start with. Why there is hurry to just start and stop the work? Let’s spend some time in wondering and Wandering.

I wonder If my heart was outside my body!

I wonder If mud was available in ice cream cones!

I wonder keyboard playing was like football!

I wonder If baking was done in hot water!

I wonder If I knew everything!

I wonder If there was no money!

I wonder if there was no communication!

Wondering allows one’s mind to expand. When the mind is not looking for any answers, then it flies. It flies without any boundaries. But often we lose this ability to wonder. I wonder why!

A story – A childless king was looking for a suitable heir. Most candidates talked about their abilities to do, to achieve. At last a little boy came up to the king and said, in a fairly emphatic manner, “I can Dance!” You could hear a bout of scornful chuckles in the court.

The king hushed the court. The boy continued, “Sire, I can also Do, but most importantly I can dance. Dance with dreams, ideas, thoughts, my beliefs, perspectives, and with my ego. I can dance with my emotions, with happiness, with sorrow, with jealousy. I can dance with life.”

Let’s dance with Wondering and Wandering with no answers. Let the mind not get busy in finding the answer! Let just the mind WONDER!