Wolrd Cafe


Rules are part of life, they bring direction in life and sometimes blocks in life. Most of the times rules are misunderstood and misused. When they stay as it is they start stinking. At Aarohi like anything else rules also does not stay as it is, they keep evolving. In the process we reject some, we select some, we change some and we bring some new.

It began with my voice ‘we have many rules and this can create fear in kids rather exploring’. This thought by a child was enough to start our journey. We began with exploring ‘what are rules’. The thought club on “rules and values’ gave us understanding that rules are based on some values. One child raised a concern in my voice ‘Ball play around Ambrosia should be allowed’. We explored what values are taken care (care of material, safety, and equality) and what values are not taken care (spontaneity, ease, and comfort). This was good enough to understand needs.

Next was to bring expressions and thoughts of the community about rules, we explored the concept of ‘World cafe’. World cafe is a structured conversationalprocess leading to understanding of “Needs, Feelings and Requests”

We began with sharing incidences where rules helped or not helped.Then we discussed what kind of rules are required and not required.What kind of rules shall stay and what should change.The whole exercise brought listening, thinking and expressing.

One child has taken up the initiative to review all the rules and suggesting necessary changes. As he started understanding, he started getting clarity for himself and created among other by reviewingand sharing with the community . Journey continues…..