Why Reflection – Aarohi X


Where all we’ll find circle living in your house – utensils, toys, knobs, pen caps, faces, fan, cup face, In my glass, football, in my bag, clock, wire plug, dot, fan, glasses, in my painting bowl, mask, google home, painting palette, wifi, bangles, headphones, swimming goggle, holes, earphones, plant pot, holes for pest control, machine, bulbs, accessories, jar lid, lid, circle notes, lego, design in my book shelf, plates, BOX, books, bottle, becet, plates, bottle caps, sanitizer, windows, bucket, tub, extensioner, cable extensional, fruits, vegetables, fan switch, rings, diya, pencil bottom, earings, pen bottom, fan middle, torch, watch, tyres, computer camera, clocks, computer power button, computer microphone, tyre, power button, bowl, fan switch, cushion, cookergsaket, bottle, buttons, bulbs, brooms, bangles, pencil pouch, eyes, watch, laddoos, wheels, clock, idly, vessel, dosa, dots on hairbrush, bindi, shaperner opening, ear rings, rings,

What all did you throw away?waste, papers, bottles, plastic bags ,TV, my anxiety, ego kachra, paper, I threw laziness and excuses, planning, my apprehensions, my hairs, my sweat, negativity, pencil shavings, throw away hitting my brother, burnt food, comfort zones, laziness, my anger, some skin cells, anger, paper, orange seeds or maybe Paper or maybe sweat or maybe hairs, food waste, my anger, my sleepyness, laziness, I thought about what I really wan’t, to become a pro football player, so laying in bed didn’t help me, my time waste, Challenging myself to set my space where ever I am, i throw away judgement on grandparents, i used to keep saying i wasn’t good enough. so i threw it, I threw my fears , anger, household garbage, wastage of time, my inactive life style, timidness, I threw away my anger on my family, Flute practice, i started to forgive them and i learnt accept them, spoilt papaya, I threw away some dust from my house, threw frustrations and disappointments, I threw away anger, expectation little bit, looking perfection into work ,Organized things , just beginning to throw away my self limits, I was about to throw away coming for this session, i threw away laziness and joined this session, threw away need of seeing house in organised way, guilt , and a dustpan,

How were others sensitive to me and my needs?

Question any habit of yours that you used this week

Which resources were important this week, which were not?

Which were most delicious moments from this week?