Why planning?

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Planning is a process, a tool to bring democracy in the environment – I DECIDE is the freedom to choose while I PLAN is the responsibility associated with that freedom. Each family gives a different shape.
Planning is not only for the child – it’s a process, but it’s also a way of life for the family.
It’s a culture that can be developed to bring this thinking process in the child by just sharing your own planning, inviting to coordinate, and so on. When this culture is created for the child – the child gets the opportunity to think, share, and coordinate. This helps to understand others – their planning, their constraints, and struggles, etc.
For example, a child might plan to make a mask with a cloth and need your help in stitching. The time when the child is starting to stitch, you had planned to work on the painting. Now there is conflict and either you sacrifice or the child pushes you to “do it now for me” or you get through “not now” or …
Imagine this process is done proactively –

Child – I am stitching at 11, I want you to stitch with me
Parent – That is my cooking time
Child – then when?
Parent – maybe at 12
Child – no at 11, at 12 I am playing with my friends
Parent – Can you stitch in the kitchen, so I can cook and also guide you
Child – that looks fine

Interestingly this planning is even done by the kids who don’t know the time or yet not started reading clock

They even will write 12 in the night
I will play for 5 hours
I will make a cake in 10 minutes

It will take millions of hours

And so on…

Also, some kids don’t like planning (plan each hour)
But they like coordinating (they have the need)

The process of planning/ meeting and sharing about the day helps in creating the environment of THINKING.

Also, planning does not mean only time-wise
One plan
Reading, eat breakfast, play with toys, eat lunch, sleep, eat snacks, play on the slide, eat dinner, sing songs, drink milk and sleep


After listening to planning concept I started doing for myself and Adhvik (4yrs old)

Planning of a day has brought a lot of effects on our routine. Basically planning of a day is helping us in what I want to do on the day, keeping me focused on that. Whether we are able to do it or not, it gives me a schedule for the day and thinks on what I want to do. It is not only for me for Adhvik also. As he is planning for his day he goes accordingly I also know his schedule. When I came here I was surprised to see how focused these kids are. Now I could see that this planning and re-election would have brought a lot of self-discipline and focus.

Surprisingly at the end of the day, Adhvik asks me let’s write “what I have done and what I haven’t”. Sometimes he asks me let’s write “what I want to do today”. Yesterday he said he didn’t want to write, then I said ok. Yesterday we didn’t do much. Today I asked, shall we do the planning? He said no, then I said yesterday we didn’t plan our day. How is it? He said not good then he said let us write. He is able to sense the need for planning.

Examples of his planning:| His first day of planning: bus playing, drums, playing toys, writing alphabets What he did on the day is bus playing, drums, pottery.

The second day of planning: Bus, trampoline, painting drums.
He did bus, trampoline, painting, and painting he did without spilling colour.
He could do all that day.