Why outdoor?


Outdoor trips are part of learning system at Aarohi. Sometimes we do wonder why are we going week after week on outdoor trips?

This time again we asked the same questions ‘why do we go?” Based on the experience various children have gone through, the group came up with a list

  1. Understand Working

  2. Experience first hand

  3. Know neighbors and makes relationship

  4. Know directly from people

  5. Observe and question

  6. Work and learn

  7. Help others

  8. Social work – help society

  9. Know ourselves – know our comfort and discomfort with new people and places

  10. Solve problems

This also allowed us to think why are we doing and why do we want to continue doing the same or the same thing in different way.Next question was, so where all we want to go? Initially most response were related to where we have been going. To stimulate thinking we started with wondering on one word. The task was to come up with as many places to visit which are related to that one word. For example if the word was TYRE, we came up with the options to visit – Tyre factory, recycling tyres, making of tyres, puncture shop, tyre shop, car racing, any vehicle manufacturing, visit to RTO and so on.

We got a huge list of places to go as bonus out of this whole exercise, we also got participation and stimulation of our thinking. We went beyond our own intimations and limitations, words gave us the scaffolding to think in many different directions.