Why maths


I did maths in my school, mostly as a process not as understanding. Till it was basic maths, I was fine, when it came to application of maths, my procedural methods did not work and I started losing maths in my life.

Understanding physics became difficult – I used mugging methods and sailed through all kinds of examinations. I went to study architecture, thinking I like art :). I chose architecture to close the chapter of maths and physics in my life. But alas they they turned out as important ingredients of designing in architecture – weather, climate, wind, structural calculations were as important as artistically designed buildings.

As I dwelt more in the subject of architecture at O-campus, I started understanding maths and physics of weather and climate to design environment friendly buildings. Working in Aarohi with kids allowed me to look deeper in learning and I started liking both the subjects and moreover I started understanding and looking at these form a different angle. I no more look at Bernoulli theorem and start mugging up the definition :).

Here is an attempt to share three roles of maths- Click Here- WhY MATHS