Why learn History?


Why learn history, asked Siddu. He shared. “Learn history toLearn from their mistakes and understand their political and administration systems and to know some cuisines like kabab and Halwa (which was introduced by Mughals) and yes to understand tourism.

In the session he covered about Mughals. Shared stories.

The session content was not important but the whole process was interesting. He came with preparation to share and take session. He spoke, he faced audiences, he set up the place, he made notes. He tried making session interactive by asking ‘what would have done in this place’. He learnt most out of the session.

Kids who came for the session were questioned about the purpose. Some shared ‘like history’ they were questioned why they have not been reading about history? After initial grilling all were set to start the session.Some made notice,Some listened.

He planned a debate on ‘who was better ruler: Akbar or Aurangzeb’? One of the condition was ‘ all points need to be supported by evidence and reasoning’.Realized that we have hardly read about Aurangzeb. This brought the need to read more.Debate is planned in December with facts…till then happy preparing, reading, watching movies and of course chit chat about theses two rulers.