Why learn Hindi?


A letter from a learner

I’ve to send you so many things. Will send one by one. Today I’m sending a specimen of my Hindi learning effort.

Why I’m learning Hindi..

Because I need to learn my language…and it is important. If I learn to read and write Hindi I’d be able to learn Sanskrit, Bangla, Nepal and other Northern Indian languages easily.

Process… Started with letters and then words .. names .. places.. things I like. I tell the word to my Mamma. She writes them and I repeat with exact pronunciation of each Maatraa.

Learning from learning.. Hindi

I never knew that there was a Hindi word for babbler and seagull and eagle and many other things. I learnt that sometimes it could be tough but it gives me happiness when I do it.

And when I become a paleontologist I’ll be able to write a letter to my Nanu in Hindi as she may not be able to understand the complex things about my new finds if I write to her in English.

Much Love and Regards