Who was not listening?

One child was talking to strangers andthis was raised as safety concern. First the child spoke and spoke about what she wanted to do, during the interaction I shared with her “you can take interview of strangers on any topic to fulfil your needs to talk with strangers” and asked her to repeat what she understood.

She said, “You said,

  1. I can talk to strangers
  2. I take interview to know what they think about fort
  3. I go and meet strangers
  4. Strangers are dangerous
  5. I should not talk to strangers
  6. I was talking to know If they saw my water bottle
  7. I do not want to talk, but they talk

I repeated the same sentence 23 times, till she said “I take interview to fulfil me needs”. I do not know who was not listening or we both were listening what we wanted to talk?