Who are we?

Who are we? – Are we parents or caretakers or teachers or just adults? Who are we as facilitators? What are facilitators? What is facilitation? We need feedback for our growth, we need to reflect on the roles we play. To give feedback on facilitation, we all needed to understand what is facilitation and our roles as facilitators.
We play various roles – Sometimes we help in clarifying and eliciting the goal, while sometimes we provoke, while sometimes we think ahead about resources while sometimes we have to stay with the limited choices.
We all went through a presentation on facilitation (inspired by Carl Rogers). Understanding brought self-feedback and clarified our roles as facilitators.
And the good news is that there was no need to bring changes in any of us! Rather there is a need for others to understand roles and get things out of each other!
Often feedback means – others need to change. Understanding means communication. And none of us are perfect not even facilitators, we all exhibit. humane imperfections and anomalies in the systems here. The best news is that children deal with all these imperfections and that we think is a beautiful way of learning.
Link to the presentation on role of a facilitator- http://aarohilife.org/home/facilitation-aarohi
Its tough journey of ever-changing roles – sometimes challenging, sometimes let go, sometimes provoke, sometimes guide, sometimes serve while sometimes demand! Ah! It’s not easy to play these roles but it’s exciting to learn by being in that place. To us democracy can only function if there is a sustained and continuous effort to understand each other. We cannot stand on a voting day to suddenly judge.

Openness leads to understanding. Understanding leads to openness. Aarohi tries to develop understanding between all its members (especially within all children and facilitators). We prize the open environment – open to different doing and learning, open to expressing thoughts, opinions and feelings, open to all kinds of people, open to errors and omissions, to failures, to imperfections, open to … life.