Who Am I ?

“Who AM I?” Am I not many things – Am I a child only? Who is a child? Does the word ‘child’ sounds like someone who is helpless, does not know much or not capable? But when I see a painter inside me or a carpenter or a scientist – does that makes me someone different? Does that allow me to be me rather than just a child?
Yes, we reflected in our week and explored what all we were? The realization that we were many just in one week brought us closer to our own confidence. And one of the child shared “when I was a painter I felt confident in making ideas and moving ahead, when I was music jockey and I was presenting I felt very energetic and while I was making ideas I felt happy because I use to take ideas from somewhere and create activities, and in crochet I felt I was a fast maker because I wanted to do it I did it and it came out good, in magic of one I improved a little in spellings etc…”