What is writing

As part of exploring writing as the weekly objective each one had to write what does writing mean to you. This is what the mixed age response was-

One 5 year old had to say- Take a nice paper. Write on that lines -like any lines. If somebody tells me something I should write that. Writing is doing like this like this- moving her hands.
One 9 year old had to say- On a paper write something, like use alphabets and letters for different things. So that we are able to document and understand about my own understanding and information.

One 6year old- You take a pencil and paper and you start doing something on that paper. You write letters and make a spelling.

Another 5 year old- Is putting letters on a paper.

Another set of 7 years – it is expressing your thoughts and feelings. It is giving information.Writing is something that you do with alphabets- make words.
It is liking writing on the board, we use it for letters, numbers and additions. I write so that I canremember. It is like learning words and speaking. Writing means when you use a pen or pencil to write a sentence. To describe a meaning. It means writing a spelling and drawing the word. Understanding a new language is writing.
When I am writing I write for myself and for others. When you want to solve problems we have to write the numbers, we have to solve the sums so we need to write the problems. Otherwise how can you do sums?