What is war?

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Today our flocci was on WAR.

  • We started with mindmap, collected children’s responses. Why wars? its impact? different types of war? what is war? disagreement, conflict, invasion, stratagies of war – defence, attack, land war, animals used in war… etc.
  • Children saw two videos of war, an ancient war(Mughal-e-Azam) and Iran war.
  • Children drew pictures on war. Some drew with horses, some with bombs, army.
  • Some children went through books on war, e.g, wars in Mahabharata, Ramayan, World War-II.
  • We talked about how World War-II started?
  • Some children made models of tanks and cars used in war with junk.
  • We also talked about songs for motivation.
  • I said somewhere I heard Cold war, what is it? They said they will come back.
  • Liked the way how it went, next time may be an army or navy person can come and share his experience.