What is Strength?


This session was also to explore strengths using puppets. Greeted the kids with two puppets…Kids were excited and involved.. Then kids were made to play 5, 10, 15 Bingo!! Game… They played the game by themselves…. By then the place was set for the puppet show.. When asked “Are u tired after repeating numbers? Shall we relax? They said “Yes.” How? Shall we meditate? They said “Yes.” They were asked to sit comfortably with eyes closed and be with the audio being played… Kids sat silently, few sat in padhmasana with chin mudra, few with fully closed eyes, few with slightly closed eyes, few opening in the middle, few moving lips, few moving their body and head with the music…

Then everyone sat close together for the puppet show… They were shared 3 stories- Blue fox, fox & grapes, Fox, hippo & grapes. There was absolute silence and everyone where fully involved with the story. When asked “What is strength?” few said body strength, few said energy…Talked about other strengths… Connected with the strength of the fox, hippo in the story… Children shared their views.. They said jumping, trying, helping…. Then few other strengths were also shared with the help of a chart.

Then they sat in groups and each one made a puppet and added their strengths to the puppet… They made puppets of house, man, joker, flower, butterfly, ship, rain, dog… Few also folded the paper to make puppets and few made designs also and added their strengths… Then they reflected on one strength that they consider as the strongest. Few shared, few had many to share, few were thinking.. Then they also rated their involvement in the activity using numbers from 1-10. A small strength drum was hanged in their class and its usage was shared…. Kids were happy to have that for their class. They also wanted to give a dance show…. Enjoyed the dance… clapped….. Happy Independence Day!!! Thank U! Bye! Bye!!