What is Profession


Community Jatre, to connect to explore “profession”. To help community connecting to understand the process and role of parents/ facilitator to go deeper into the concept of a profession.To facilitate the process of “what profession you are in NOW” the community came together.

We began with pondering – What does the word ‘profession’ mean to you?
* Does for earning
* People who brought Fame or excellence to any profession.
* Do for a living but satisfy the soul. And bring financial independence.
* Way to contribute to the society
* Deeper knowledge
* Doing it on daily basis and you are INTO it. Something you like, something you have to.
* Paid occupation after carefully learning required skills through education and training.
” Not only earning but also excelling skills.
* You decide what you want to become and you do more of it.

The common phrase “what are you going to become when you grow up”? Kids grow up with the thoughts that I will do something someday, I am not someone today. This led to exploring when is that “grow up”?
*profession, not always brings money though. And from the age zero, we are into a profession!
* It can be at any age.
* One grows up at the age of four! (a six-year-old thinks so)
THOUGHT – I don’t have to become somebody tomorrow, I am somebody today!

So we needed to explore what is profession – To become professional
* One needs to have certain skills.
* Based on your interest and kind of profession you are in you may or may not require certification.
* Credibility is important and it’s helps
* Determine through formal/informal education/learning
THOUGHT – Learning what you like is taken as ‘easy’. It’s not easy, but it’s going to be worth!

If I am professional at any age, How do I make my day meaningful?
* By doing better. I am a maker and I make things! I can make it meaningful by doing new things.
* Learning new skills
* Doing what is needed for that profession.
* Putting efforts
* Coming out of the hurdles, face and find solutions
* By doing what you like
* Not enough to have interest, one need s to bring commitment.
* Not enough to have a commitment, but also have a plan and implement that plan.
* Not enough to have an implementation but also have zeal and joy.
*Joy is not enough, have satisfaction!
* Go beyond the comfort zone.
* Something in return or create something till finishing stage or something I contribute.

It was time to question “How do I find what is my passion”?
* Which gives joy, something like doing, and does not go with a burden.
* By doing, by observing self.
* Something I get attracted.
* What I would again and again.
* I love to do.
* I do with comfort and ease.
* With utmost contentment, makes me feel fresh though I do it every day.
* If I don’t leave my work even after problems and keep on doing and find alternatives.
* I wouldn’t mind spending any number of hours and feel bad about spending tone.
* Feel Connected
* Say YES! to it easily.
* You go beyond your comfort automatically.
* Gets lost in doing that, gets not affected by distractions.
* Adding value to me or others. Building skills which help in developing skills, going forward.

And “How do I convert Passion into Profession”?
* Add new required skills
* Passion is flexible but profession is accountable
* Passion is to utilize, a profession is to create.
* Profession is what you start, go deeper.
*What you like, what you can do well, pay you, and that which the world needs.

THOUGHT from IKIGAI (Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.”
The session ended with feelings of Inspiration, Clarity, Knowledge, Enlightenment, Meaningful Thoughtfulness and Connection. Passion – Vocation – Profession – Mission.

Session Recording with presentation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgublteOCQc