What or HOW ?


When the learning process is not defined by the tangible outcome, the focus goes on process and not on product. And that is why we have no curriculum or rather we are not worried what does a child chooses to learn – all learning is WORTHWHILE.

Recently at Aarohi there is wave of learning crochet. Few boys and girls are into learning the skills of crochet. They learn from each other, they try to get that one stitch perfectly, they work for hours and struggle with the wool, some are seen with wool and needle all the time. They have learnt from each other, they learn from anyone who knows crochet. Some have even tried understanding the wool and various needle sizes.

Well, all of them will not stitch crochet all of their life. But they will remember their struggles and efforts and achievements and failures all their lives. This inner process of learning is intangible.

So next time when your child says “today I learnt crochet”, don’t ask “What will you do with crochet, did you learn maths today”? Rather ask “How did you learn, what were your struggles? How did you solve your problems?

Because what your child is choosing to do is not important but how the child is learning matters – to equip him or her with life skills of learning.