What is learning?


What is learning?

I ponder..

Cooking or

Making a knife stand or

Shaping the clay or

Baking a bread or

Sharing about my life or

Singing a song or

Making my plans or

Sketching or

Opening a laptop or

Reconciliation accounts or

Painting a canvas or

Cooking a meal for dogs or

Doing puja or

Raising a voice to change the system or

Reflecting on my day or

Setting up TT table or

Plan a visit to meet an inventor or

Plan train travel or

Conduct fitness session or

Wash my own plate or

Read a book or

Write a story or

Stitch my torn clothes or

Clean my bed or

Know my emotions or

Give and receive feedback or

Clean drains or

Give water to the plants or

Broom a floor or

Explore about Gasifier or

Explore what is observation or

Know what is theater or

Paint a canvas or

Play with paints or

Solve problems in website or

Apply for job of Accountant or

Arrange for a TV to be transported or

Just listen to songs or

Act impromptu or

Play together or

Play games or

Cry over missing pencil or

Roll with laughter or

Scream in anger or

Sulk in sadness or

Play in mud or

Swing in swings or

Run in the foothills or

Meditate or

Is living learning?

What else is learning