What is in Landscape?


We live in apartments, we live in homes, we move around in malls, and office buildings, we walk on paths, we run on grass, we play in parks…ever wondered how are they designed?

What all is in building? Who all are architect ? What is the role of an architect? What is landscape architecture? Is dessert a landscape?

These were some of the questions we experienced when we visited L&W building solutions office. Various people from different departments made special presentation for our group to get introduced to various aspects of landscape architecture. Who says “there is dearth of qualified teachers, we have the universe to teach us whenever we want to”.

Many words were new and surprising for many of us – Specification, design, soft and hard landscape, ornamental plants, horticulture, nursery, transplanting, budding, shrubs, trees, maintenance paved paths, tiles, Gazebos, Sprinkler, Client’s needs, site survey, collecting data, climate, rainfall, contour, budgeting, services drawing development, and finally execution ! Pre contract, post contract, procurement and execution, Concept design development, design development drawing, sun orientation, working drawing, construction supervision, site coordination, execution contract, cost analysis, irrigation analysis, post execution plan, Design, Quantity Survey, Procurement and Execution, Design, Quantity Survey, Procurement, Execution manager, Horticulture, Supervisor, Gardner, HR dept, Architect – Aesthetic, Civil and Structural engineering, Mechanical and Electrical engineering, Quantity surveyor, Project Manager, Facility Manager, Recruitment, Training, Performance appraisal, feedback and Payroll, Employees relation, IT admin, System admin, Network Admin, Security admin, printer support, cctv, software, Installation, Maintain, Training, Checklist, Backup, Passwords etc etc.

Imagine so much goes in creating those neatly paved paths and green grass or green vertical walls to make our urban landscape a pleasure for us!

We came back inspired with the kind of detailing required to execute the design some wanted to try in their work, one liked the word “procurement” and want to apply in his cooking, while other wondered “now I know how those gardens are made”. Deep gratitude for the entire staff of L&W building solutions for inspiring us in many ways.