What is the meaning of Aarohi being an Open Learning Community?

Aarohi is a community of self directed learners -​ children who decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn when they want to learn and assess on their own. We do not follow any philosophy. We follow the child​.

Three keywords that describe Aarohi are Open, Learning, and Community:

  • Open because anybody can join Aarohi. Their socio-economic or any other background doesn’t matter. There is no pre-qualification, no age barrier, and, most importantly, no expectation. All are welcome. Also, Aarohi is open to all kinds of learning. No particular learning is higher or lower than another learning. Each child / family decides what he or she wants to do/learn. Parents, facilitators and peers may suggest or influence these choices, but the decision is always the child’s. A family can join Aarohi anytime of the year.
  • Learning is the core purpose of all actions that happen in Aarohi.  Since the whole world is our curriculum, everything the child decides to do – it could be a chore, a project, a skill development exercise, a campus responsibility or job or just working on one’s interest – facilitates learning. Similarly, the whole community — its infrastructure, its resources and the processes — is designed to offer value addition to the everyone’s learning.
  • Community is how we live, how we learn. Everybody is equal, a peer, a learner, a teacher,  a guide and a support, a contributor. Everybody participates in the working of the community – everybody is responsible for self as well as for the community. The keywords for a community to thrive are equity and co-living.