What I do for my resources?

I have to do something new in my session to make my life interesting for myself . Last week, I announced “I am not bringing any resources, you fetch for your own resources”. The whole week, kids found by themselves the books from library. Last week was reading week in word intelligence.

Later asked their thoughts on the same – One child said, “Ok, I can find my own resources”, One said, “this week I am ok, next week I will tell you”…………….some did not respond and continued to do their work.

I asked “what do you think is the difference between me and you bringing the resources?” One said “You have MTS and can work whole night and we are very tired by the night.”, another said “You know what type of resources to bring…..other choose to be quite and enjoy my crazy announcements.

We had a week full of reading and reading and reading. They continue with fetching their own resources and at the end of the week some of them shared “we enjoyed, it was fun, I know I can find myself”.