What is field visit


KAA is not field visit at Aarohi – it is part of the curriculum.We believe thatlearning is from life and for life.Since learning has to be FOR life, learning should be FROM life. Learning that is driven primarily from real experiences and learning that celebrates and harnesses a child innate and voracious ability to learn.

To facilitate this Aarohi aligns itself with theoutside world by being in the world by the way of KAA trips. Each year the theme is different but the objective is same.

During KAA trips children MEET the life at work. They experience, meet, know themselves, explore the world around them. Every time child misses KAA trip s- misses many learning opportunities 🙁

Learning is an active process – what a child experience, sees, observe, absorb, and explore during KAA trips, applies in learning inside class.Learning is a social activity: When a learner meet the life in its form, they draw learning by interacting in various forms.

So here are 10 reasons why we goto KAA trips:
  1. Experiencing helps us learn better (as we are able to see it, feel it, etc.)
  2. Experiencing helps us learn more (as we end up observing and getting exposed to much more stuff when we are out there)
  3. Experiencing helps us relate to it strongly(as we observe in real time, we are able to connect to what we have seen / experienced earlier).
  4. Experiencinghelps us remember it more (simply becasue its practical).
  5. Experiencinghelps us want to learn about it more (becasue we experience it ourselves it is more exciting and enjoyable).
  6. KAA helps us become independent,responsible, take decisions etc. (without parents i need to do my stuff;take care ofmy food, my emotions, my needs and wants, etc.)
  7. KAA helps us explore planning, organizing, leading, and problem solving. (Right from planning for the trip, packing bags, solving problems – say forgot some item and leading in the chosen area of leadership.)
  8. KAA helps me explore interdependence.(As a group we depend on each other – we helo some and we are helped by some.)
  9. KAA makes me understand others. (Since i am “living” with others, each with different thoughts, interests, styles, feelings, etc – i get a closeup to understanding others.
  10. KAA helps me interact with total strangers. (We meet a lot of people and have to interact with them to get the most out of the trip. Children also being leaders of various responsibilities have to get things for the whole stuff done.