What doing is doing to me

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Often we set larger goals like becoming a pilot or an artist or even short-term goals like make a painting or bake a cake.
And often this doing is result-oriented.
And then Either my painting is good or bad, my cake is nice or horrible.
But there is something else happening apart from the end results.

DOING and this doing is doing something to me
Bake a cake and discovered the texture of the barter
Making a song, in the process developed the skills of mixing
Made games and developed confidence
Practiced dance and got introduced to a new rhythm
Spoke to grandparents – that brought joy to me
Helped mother in cleaning the toilet and developed kindness
While making a painting, used different strokes to experience texture

Often these INTANGIBLE things are not considered learnings as they are invisible (like magic).
But they are the stepping stones of something bigger to emerge.
Are they worth CELEBRATING!
What do you say?