What do you see – a community?

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Do you see …

all the people who made this possible… be it the coffee or the cup or the trek

all the morning outdoors people!


who made the sweater

Coffee cup maker

Bottle maker

artist who painted


creator of the Earth

Nail polish maker

cloth maker

beautician who has done manicure

who organized the trek,

who helps in climbing

person who drew this

coach and trainee


people who threw some seeds n coz of them trees around

coffee maker


Tea farmer

forest officer

Sugar cane farmer

Sugar manufacturer

workers involved in the making of thermal

the cameraman who is shooting the video

Paint manufacturer


delivery boys to deliver the thermos to customer

Cement manufacturer

steel manufacture

Sand supplier

nail painter maker

all those masons and helpers who built factory

the guys who made the camera

mother for sweater making

paint inventor and supply chain

Software developers who built code to make electronic displays of pictures possible.


lenses for capturing the image

Guys at Google who wrote Google Sheets product

inventors of the camera, tea, flasks

who plucked tea leaves

workers who made cement for the factory

we all who are seeing this pic and sharing their views on thisLaughing

Much like we are becauseso many people have contributed to us

and We are what the community makes us

In the same way the community is what we make for it, give it, add to it.