What is discipline?


Four kids – three of them have designed their day for training themselves to become professional footballers, they have been working on for the last two years now, Due to lockdown they all are restricted to no coaching and designing their own day. The fourth child is a filmmaker, decided to work deliberately on film making and designed her day around filmmaking during this lockdown.

Every alternate day we PAUSE and REFLECT in the night – TODAY We ASKED – Do you know that you already have discipline INSIDE you! Today we reflect and discover the discipline inside us. Let’s ponder

What all is the discipline for you?

What all is not disciplined?

Where all you think you are not disciplined?


Discipline is when I am controlling my actions to achieve my immediate goal. Being disciplined is when I put my effort into something even if there’s no immediate benefit.

Discipline for me is when I am able to stick to the plan I made for myself regardless of the other things I want to do more. I’m disciplined with my time, commitment and effort. My strategy is doing it right away without thinking too much. I am disciplined in getting up and training almost every day, no matter the weather and mood. I’m disciplined when it comes to outcome. I want my outcome to be great. Following and being committed to what I want or planned is the discipline for me. In filmmaking, I think I’m disciplined in the tasks I do but not that much in time, I sometimes do more or less than how much I’ve planned. For coding, I’m disciplined with time but not with how much I want to achieve. For reading, I don’t think I follow any discipline except that I read every day but even then, only when I have an interesting book. For morning campus care I’m disciplined in time. Keeping a list of things that I’ve planned to do every day helps me be more disciplined for the tasks I have to complete. Reflecting and finding ways that I want to improve a certain task helps me be disciplined in terms of focus”.

And “Not being disciplined is when I am setting a goal and then being flexible when a task is presented. Not being disciplined is also another way of showing no responsibility.

I am not disciplined in food because from time to time I have unhealthy snacks and throw away my plan of healthy eating. I’m also not disciplined when it comes to sleep, I keep reading and try to do something to stay awake. My afternoon sleep time and balance training is not disciplined”.


It’s not about how they think (right or wrong), it’s about that they think! As they grow and collect more experiences in their lives they will also think differently. Maybe they will think the way we want them to think or maybe they will think the way they want to think. What do you say?