What is business?

Dhrupad, wants to earn money to buy Archery set. He came to me and asked for “loan for the food stall”. He does not want to give me back the money, he wants someone to buy the raw material and he selling the food and that becomes his profit.

During the interaction I came to know that he is taking profit as I sell? So If I sell a plate of Aloo chat for Rs 30/- that is my earning.

  • We are still exploring what is profit and loss?
  • What is base cost?
  • Does profitable business means lot of people coming?
  • Is it about the product do about the
  • What is loan?
  • What is Credit and Debit?

Although he has one GOAL – earn rs 4000/- , and at the end he comes back to “so how will earn?” The journey is beautiful – I do not know he will earn now, he will get he what he wants now, will he understand how to run business, will he understand what credit is and debit? But I am enjoying this exploration and loads of thinking behind the whole process.