What all can be resource?


One of the value faculty adds up in Aaorhi is different resources in different ways. The resources can be – visual, tactile (kinaesthetic) and auditory. Some samples from one week – this is excluding designed activities, stimulation, bioscope, stimulation, flocci etc.

  1. Making Tree house – Introduced tracking and time planning, They choose graph. Introduced the concept of revised goals and mapping daily progress.Videos on how to use plastic bottles. Tools – use sickle or saw to cut the wood.
  2. Resource Sorting – While sorting we used “category”. They set up their own criteria to sort – and separated mixed toys. Some made own category to sort music cassettes including learning and love.
  3. Cooking – how many grams of Rava, mls of water for b’fast and other quantities in the day. Just put on the board for each meal, including pets meal. Introduced weighing in day to day – have made a place for weighing machine in kitchen, so it is available any-time.
  4. Outdoor – Together dreamt “what all I am passionate about and how and when can I design outdoor for myself”. They all marked their names for different months (mostly b;day months).
  5. Number Line – Painted number line on one wall. Also put bead with some other hooks at uneven intervals to use at number line. One can use chalk to play with number line and later erase it.
  6. Community Bucket – “Add one new thing while you are doing campus care or working on meal responsibilities”. Some served the food, while some kept served food for meals responsibility.
  7. Kept in tray new resource “to suggest the use”. Tray had donated make up kit, fake hairs, cap etc.
  8. Everyday on each dining table put new topic to talk – it was put on a stand “Modi is PM or politician, best movie is Bhaag Milkha or Chennai Express, Nature and Man, Value of money etc”. This created some variety in the discussion during meals.
  9. One child got new book on Insects – kids saw insects in the night and referred the book next day.
  10. In sports introduced “co-operation” – play with constraint and pass ball to all in team, teams are made with throwing names in the air.