A week – Looking into self


It was a challenging week for me as I was taking self-Image/self-concept objective for the first time. I was prepared as well as nervous. We started exploring self through different activities. I also took part in each activity as a participant. I enjoyed seeing self by others eyes. We gave and took feedback from each other about self. We also explored concept of counsellor as a part of bioscope. I introduced that as a part of stimulation only. O-Campus being residential campus I thought let them experience the concept of counselling. We choose our partners by chits and three day s we talked to each other and shared our problem/happiness/beliefs etc. It was very different experience for many children and they shared at the end of the week that we got a good trust worthy friend.

In flocci we explored our own I mages. We played a game in which we all wrote about each other and then we discussed why we think so. We all realised that we all wrote good things about teach other. We went deeper why? We also made a mind map of self-images. Through that mind map we questioned our belief about fear, dreams, type of images etc…This led to many questions like: What is difference between Image and belief? What is fear? Is fear an image? Why fear vary person to person? What happens when somebody gives feedback? Why it happens? How images can be helpful to us? What is judgement? Is forming belief is wrong? How do I observe my own beliefs/judgement? How this judgment will change my approach to person or matter? We did not discuss or get any answers but all this questions gave us food for thought. I really enjoyed the way children were going deeper and deeper in the flocci.

In safety club finally finished making fire extinguisher, in math club we moved ahead on epidemic problem and we are targeting to finish it soon. In doing club we painted different surfaces and explored plastics as well. In thought club we discussed thought on hygiene and bath, how thought club should be? , what is KAA and how do we prepare? What is open learning etc…

Over all the week was fruitful to me as I could move ahead in my journey of self-intelligence.