A week at Aarohi

Many things happen in day or week, but many times we are left empty with the thought of ‘nothing happened’.
This feeling pops in especially when we are into unschooling and are typically not following any structure. When achievement is measured in terms of subjects/content, we feel even more empty when we do not have tangible results (especially in areas like maths, science, English etc).
In unschooling and unstructured learning, many unaccounted intangible things happened which otherwise are not considered important or even come in the list of learning. But they add to our overall growth and learning.
At Aarohi we review our day every day – what I did, ​what I did not, ​how I did, ​How I did not, ​what else, and What next​?
​​At the end of the day, we compile and reflect on our week, apart from knowing what all I did – this also gives direction to what all I can do.
Try this, it helps in discovering the beauty of this lesser-known path of unschooling or open learning or organic learning or self-directed learning.

Many things happen in a week …here are some glimpses

i achieved catching insects and showing the insects that i caught to my friends, i did not achieve in football because nobody was passing the ball to me. My goal was rock sliding on Tuesday and i did planning. I also was catching butterflies. I wanted to cook and read books. Wednesday my goal was fear session. I did Mask. i wanted to do cars and read books. i achieved 60% of my goal in making mask. Thought club was very thoughtful and confusing. Playing Video games was very good in the night times. Flow chart writing was easy and good. i got headache and so bar graph was not good.

On Friday I was learning about fashion. I was focusing during session. I wanted to do in different ways, I did not want to do stitching, I wanted machine to sew by self not by humans. I have a machine at home, I can learn to stitch If I want. During week end I was with my friend and enjoyed playing cycling and video games and got the experience of going to a temple, It was interesting to see how they were praying. My self directed goal was making a motor car, I did without discussing with resource team. I wanted to finish what I started, I want to try in many different ways, not only one way of battery and motor. I didn’t do my self directed goal but searching for missing or stolen batteries. I tried searching and asking people and also checked bags and beds of all the people,, but I did not find. My learning is that never give up. I discussed my planning of how am I going to do my goal – through research. I planned my fitness and exercise plan, I learnt that when I plan my day nice, my day is nice.

It was very nice for me on Friday, Ramadan started and we were invited to J D Institute of fashion, I was very curious to go there and learn about fashion designing, but I was feeling very bored, After lunch when we learnt about stitching and sewing machine, it was interesting and sewing machine was nice. It was electrical which works with pedal and motor. During weekend I achieved doing my sketching and I was interested in doing sketching of rider but I could not do, I was busy doing hot water. I was cold and windy fire was not lighting, I was very eager to do and finally we could do it. I achieved playing football and basketball. Basketball was nice to play. At night I read books. On Monday I was curious and not fasting, I love football and I played, I achieved sketching ghost rider. I worked on solar cooker. I opened a new solar cooker, I read all the instructions. I found about weather and wind speed. I liked panipuri. I played new game Chu Chan. I took video and photographs of flying clothes, umbrella flying in the air, bending tree leaves and bushes, water floating in wind. I want to learn how to make video and photographs with music and emotions. I am member of Aarohi, I have responsibility to take care of Aarohi, so I am member so i will take care of cleanliness. Everybody live like a home, so we should living like home and not misuse. Wednesday was sad day, I was having fever and resting and could not go for floccinaucinihilipilification of Newspaper, I was energized after rest and played sports. I used my sense of humor. I used graph and thought of conducting sports I planned and prepared and I am ready. I like sharing with my parents what I am doing.

Outdoor was good for me. I enjoyed learning about fashion tips. In weekend i tried to measure wind speed. I also started reading books in weekend. I achieved making of my car which is half done. I achieved making car boat again. I also achieved understanding of working of motor. i did not achieve completing my car project in this week. I could not achieve doing maths. With help of my friends i achieved making of car. I also watched videos which helped me in making my car. I was not focusing on the time constraint and also batteries were missing which took lot of time to find and could not find all. i could not achieve maths , as i was only making a car.

Review and reflection tells me how I did whole week and and what all I have to do, what all I did, I help in analyzing. At home help mother in cooking and spending time with brother. I have been working on photography, I got 14 new challenges, in a way I got frustrated with challenges. I was researching and experimenting with camera. I was into motor cars, still figuring it out. This time I was more open to everything, last week I was doubting and thinking to self how it will happen, this week I was more open, calling people and finding.

Review and reflection is helping me to share my knowledge and express and to learn. I liked stitching part in outdoor for fashion, I was concentrating on needle how it was working. I liked how they were showing making of dress by pinning. During weekend I took care of myself by resting, by eating, playing, watched TV, video games and spent time parents by talking and slept with my mother in the night. at Home I was designing my future temple. I wanted to do a car and even I did a fan with wooden blade and rubber bac and stock. I catched many butterflies at campus. I spent time with my father and went to pay cable money. I liked seeing list coming out of machine and sound of machine, even I wanted to work on the machine. I saw how sugarcane machine was turning and how sugarcane was being smashed. When I saw olden days film , I was seeing rain dropping in the screen. I was concentrating on my TV sound (tick sound was coming), I was not knowing how it was offing and oning. I was observing various sound when I was putting cd to play video games. At campus i caught many butterflies, I was missing my parents. I was learning about butterflies from my friends, and it helped in catching butterflies. I was trying to catch big one. My friend put the constraint that we will only catch big butterflies, not small., I experienced the pain of athorn while catching butterfly. Also learnt to take care of binoculars and not hang else it will fall and break. I used flowchart to do my planning. I went to course, there are so many courses. Facilitated course was interesting where they explain something. Even they will leave us to try by ourselves. I did rock sliding but it was mission impossible. There were many thorns. Team was just fighting and whole time spent on discussion we could not do any rock sliding. I was thinking of giving a plan, then I did not tell, but I told sometime. I did not achieve how to catch butterfly. I choose another goal so I wanted to change the goal. I achieved my goal 1 of catching insect 30%, goal two was making car and doing business – 10%, sports – 60%. My happiness was 40% when I saw my parents during sports time. This week, I used concentration, and alertness.

Introduce the concept of permutations and combination – three people sit on sofa, how many difefrent ways can they sit?

Friday – i could not come to Outdoor. Saturday – I went to Isha foundation and found people having food together and keeping things in arranged fashion. This week my community work was watering the plants in ambrosia. I was supplying water to my team. It was good to water plants. This week i made car and started a business on car making. Later i understood, this was Aarohi resources and cannot make business with it. My plan for next week is take loan and buy some resources for making cars. I enjoyed making different cars and boat. I could not catch Blue tiger butterfly , but could catch many other butterflies

Friday – I was busy with my mother and could not come to outdoor. Weekend i read Aarohi blogs. Monday – i achieved catching butterflies. I went fast behind butterflies to catch them. I went to next level of catching butterflies. I want to catch more butterflies. I will make a song for butterflies. I will make lyrics for my song in next week. One day i was not feeling well and did nothing on that day. Catching Blue Tiger was more difficult and challenging which i could not achieve. I have already caught almost all other butterflies at campus like crimson rose.This week my campus work was watering Kitchen Garden plants.I was supplying water. I enjoyed watering plants. It was a challenge for me to carry more water in the bucket.

Review is helping me remember to achieve goals I did not achieve and help me during planning. Reflection is helping me to reflect what all has happened during the day and share it with the other people. I did a lot of things. Ratnesh Uncle made me a website (my own website) and I started designing my website. Then I tried to insert images on my website and I deleted something by mistake and after trying to get it back I crashed my website and Ratnesh uncle created another website. I did juggling and learnt a few tricks. I signed up for kitchen gardening in campus care and that didn’t go very well. And on the first day of campus care I overworked and my leg started hurting severely and I couldn’t go for sports that day. On the second day I was supposed to go to the market. So the kids gave me money to buy something for them. And I went and brought them their goods. I was designing my website and I felt that I needed to put images on my website. I suffered and struggled and I tried installing modules and using the internet and Google and I messed up my website and the end result was I couldn’t put images. But I realized that I have to work even harder and harder until I could get it. I learnt juggling tricks through lot of hard work and patience. I did web designing because I love computers and I want to do something with them. I learnt juggling became I want to give a performance in Bangalore. Achievement rate: 12%. The strength I used is: PATIENCE

At home I spent time on handwriting, friends, family, play, food, rest, hygiene and playing games on mobile which I love. WIth family I am spending time by talking, sharing, play board games. On Monday I injured my leg, I did not go for sports and I was feeling little lazy. My goal was catching butterfly but I could not achieve, I was doing something else and I forgot, I achieved playing chun chan with my friends. I started with three goals – cat, nap and solar oven. Cat – yes, by following, Nap – no, by not going to bed, Oven – no, forgot. I want to fly kites. I want cook and then eat spaghetti. During reflection I used bar graph. Cat – 67% achieved, Car – 12% achieved, Sports- 55% achieved, Video games – 100%, nap – 99% achieved. I was patience playing with cats. I was very interested in sleeping and little more interested in video games.

Outdoor: My focus in 1st session was there in fashion but in 2nd session i was not focused and i was into play. So aunty had to push me to focus in session. Later i found it interesting and it was good. I started making notes with my understanding. The stitching machines were attractive and i wanted to try. weekend was good and there were fight between me and my mother. I did little English and Maths in weekend after mom pushing a lot and many reminders. Monday i was excited to do Kannada and Maths which was impressive and interesting to me. Tuesday’s meeting made me to think and gave me more clarity about my behaviour. I am taking an action on my acceptable behaviour. I made a badge which always reminded me of my behaviour and what i am not supposed to do. It was good to have a joyful day. The week was good and i felt i could have done more if i had focused in maths and from now on i will do it. Campus care was fun. I love all campus care work.i was good to work with new people in campus care. I did my work and they did theirs. sometimes i was getting pissed of bcoz they were asking again and again questions.