We Rejoice – Achalesh and Electrical


Popular media would make you believe that we need to rejoice when our children achieve something. But we know the real rejoice is when we marvel at their capabilities, their energies, their intense involvement in what they like doing, et al. We rejoice in the fact that they have all the strengths anybody would need to enjoy and drive one’s life. We rejoice when we see, in awe, their desire to learn new things, overcome hurdles and challenges and resilience over their failures. We rejoice when we see a child leading himself and herself in so many walks of his/her life (just as they led themselves in learning how to walk).We rejoice when their leadership of themselves stumbles, fumbles, goes astray, even comes to a grinding halt. We rejoice, because this way they are developing into better leaders of themselves. We rejoice in how their life is effervescently bubbling with their needs, desires, emotions, behaviours, imperfections, failures and achievements. We rejoice not in what they could be, but who they are.