We or I


Each day in our schedule we have 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the minutes in the evening to get ready.

Each room has eight people. Each person has one hour.So the maths is very simple, each room have 8 man hours in the day to clean one bed and one cupboard. Each bed gets turns after every 15 days.When they calculate for only self, each one could think of one hour only, but when they thought collectively they got eight hours. And revelation brought surprise ‘oh!, that’s quite a lot’. There is magic in WE. There is fun in togetherness.

We realise that we put in every child’s mind – in many different ways – that life is a trade off between self and others – a kind of balancing act. That there is only one winner – you or others. Class rank tells us that, position in a race tells us that, selection in a play tells us that.According to us, however, this paradigm of life is only full of strive, struggle and stress.

The invitation here is to involve children to explore a different but imperative paradigm. To burst some myths (like that of scarcity), to break some beliefs (that being dependent is bad, to play differently (cooperative sports and games), to explore options (instead of committees make communities) and so on. The invitation is also to look at inspiration not just from movie stars and sports winners, but also from simple rural folk who seems to have for generations – simply coexisted.