We are same, Because we are different


See this funny small advertisement video and then do the above activities (in any order).

Do as many as activities as you can do. Do it as per order of your preference.

Where did you start? Why? What did you get out of these activities? Were you comfortable/easy doing any activity and not very comfortable/easy doing other activities? You attempted different activities first. What does that tell you? Does it tell anything about us?

We have only Different eyes, hair color, height but also differently intelligent – Traditionally, who is good at studies (Maths, language..) is intelligent and backbencher beating his desk is not intelligent. Is it marks, academics, achievements, performance or others patting you or IQ test – which makes you intelligent?

Do you think you were intelligent during school or college days? What makes you decided you are intelligent or not. It is important. We need to understand what we already believe. Multiple Intelligence is just way of looking at ourselves, others and children.

Dr Gardner said – There are 8 intelligences and usually 2 to 3 are strong in us. There are exceptions where one can be strong in more than three or one can be strong in one intelligence. Naturally one may connect with music, one may connect with numbers, someone else can connect with nature.

We are not same because we all have to be same in each intelligence. We are same because we all are intelligent differently, hence we all are intelligent. We are used to intelligence as singular concept. Howard Gardner came up with this thought of Intelligence as plural concept. – There are many intelligences. One can be intelligence in one way and another one in another way. So no person or child is dumb. Every person is intelligent. Every child is intelligent.

We are all same because we are different.