We all are AMABLE!

Last week reed plantation at the campus – it exhibited the true spirit of “AMABLE” We all had different strength, and we all worked as one group. I was pondering, this is Amable as organization is all about – all together makes the difference, noone is better or best. We all are AMABLE and we all have our own important role to play.

Five kids and three labourers – all with different skills yet working cohesively. There was no comparison of skills, no need to ask anyone to do anything – all took their responsibilities as per their natural strengths. At the end all had a winning smile on their faces. We all are AMABLE in our own ways.

  • One child became leader and instructing all what to do, she announced “I am working also and supervising also”.
  • One was understanding another leader in her own way
  • One was doing the work
  • One was observing
  • One was working as per the need

And I was taking the photographs 🙂

At Amable

One question, one work, one think, one follow, one listen, one care, one implement, one help, one work endlessly, one take break, one support, one understand, one lead, one follow…………………..and we make AMABLE an organization a place to BLOOM.