On the way of becoming a pilot

He started dreaming of becoming a pilot when he was two years says he. Two years back he started talking about and dreaming actively. In the beginning, it was all about dreaming and talking. Soon he also fell for deliberate practice!
He started first finding of what does it mean to be a pilot – realized that he needs to have 10/12th certificate for the flying school. Well, he was also introduced to the process that even without doing 10th/12th he can get admission in flying school based on his portfolio. He opted for giving 10th exams.
He left schooling for the fear of subjects
But now he decided to re-start his connection with the subjects.
Math, Science, and languages (Hindi-Kannada) were his blocks. He did not even start with social science in the middle of his own bad relationship with some of the subjects.
He started his journey and again got distracted – he started believing that “languages are tough, maths is undoable, etc”. He would sit with 10th books for hours and will say “can’t even understand a word”.
Well, he also lost himself in various distractions of teenage growing up. Soon he came back with the help of reflection – he restarted!
This year first he worked on languages – with the help of a tutor, in two months he got back to life with these languages – he worked form 4-6 hours on these subjects. As he says, “it was a very difficult time for me”, but he sailed through it.
His schedule includes 6-8 hours of studies. He has set his weekly goals. As a mentor, as I understand his learning style – he likes to study by himself, take help as and when needed. He studies social, science by himself. For maths, he takes help as and when he requires. Initially, he took help for social, now he studies by himself. During the day he also revises languages.
He likes to participate in all community sessions, and also spend time on hands-on work and his love aviation. Sometimes loses his focus, but with a gentle nudge comes back to his commitment.