water lab – live lab

We began with water lab to explore water and its systems at the campus. We began with understanding our water needs, we measured different containers and for two days every drop of water was measured.

We traced the source of water at the campus. And then traced where all the used water goes and how it is being filtered. We pondered what is bore-well, what is well and so on. We tested the water for potability, we understood what is fluoride, chlorine, hardness and bacteria in the water.

And yes we ended up the water lab with lots of questions in our mind.

  • What happens when we mix oil, turpentine, paint, cement etc in the water and that water goes to filtration system?
  • Why will happen if the water level goes up in the filter pond
  • How does reeds clean or filter the water.
  • How dirty is dirty water?
  • Why the water in the drains is grey?
  • What will happen if hairs goes in the drains?
  • Why some people sell toothpaste with fluoride?
  • What are water borne diseases?
  • Why we add chlorine in the swimming pool water?
  • How many ways we can use this water?
  • Where all we can use filtered water?

Water filtration system has become a live learning lab for us. It is alive, it is active, it is interactive .