Water lab

We started with installing various water systems at campus to create learning opportunities. Water system is one of them. Some time back it became many do’s and dont’s in order to maintain the whole system of water and we reflected “O-campus is a learning campus and if the resources are becoming an issue or coming with end result then it is leaving no scope for learning. Any resource which does not allow – mistakes, thinking, questioning, understanding, exploration, experience and experimentation is not worth at the learning campus”

We re-looked and realized that while kids have seen the water system, they have been using the system, but they have not understood the system. This brought an immense opportunity to explore water.

We explore water at campus in water lab, every Monday. The labs are not compulsory session, like any other session, they are an opportunity to learn if you want, all kids have enrolled for water lab till now.

We began with how do we want the session – by self, teaching, activities based, mixed, long, short……….so lot more is planned in water lab than just water – for example earth and landforms, what is well and tube well, different water sources, water cycles, water potability, usage, reuse, chemicals and so on.

We began with measuring all the buckets and tumblers at the campus and understanding the quantity of water. We documented and calculated the quantity for average use. While we were documenting the quantity, we did not have to put many notices or remind anyone to log in the log book – we all just did it, because WE wanted to know how much water are we using.

We are excited with water lab – we are loving the learning opportunities falls on our way just like that!!!