Wardha Students

A group of 25 young adults from Wardha, who are learning to be teachers ( part of B. Ed/ M. Ed course) visited Aarohi to learn about learning.
The preparation to welcome them began just a day in advance with a brief. The group of kids were excited to receive them and share with them their learning journey.
We got the opportunity to connect with wider views, culture and needs. We experienced planning, organizing, listening, caring and helping. To welcome the group some kids took the responsibility of welcoming them, assisting them with their basic needs, organizing their luggage and other needs to settle.
All together we organized Jatre to listen to their questions and patiently answering them and taking care of their needs of language. Some who knew Hindi and English both cane forward to translate for the benefit of the whole group.
Our day did not get affected by their presence – we all moved into our own work. Came again together for campus care – skillfully guiding, accepting and guiding. Organised community sports which could be played by 50 people together to experience cooperation and togetherness.
They left inspired and more questions! Thank you, all learners who travelled from far to learn and understand learning in different forms. Your initiative will make living beautiful for children!
The students from the university came with loads of questions
How do you learn maths?
What is o-campus?
How do children decide what are their interest?
Any written examination?
How do you give exams,?
How do you know you are performing?
What kind of projects do you work?
Do you have teachers?
What are your hobbies?
If there is no curriculum then how do they learn language, mathematics, reading and writing?
How much is the fee?
How long have you been working?
How do you raise money for your resources?
Can you give IIT examination?
How do you live without your parents?
Who all can come here?
When can we come?
What if someone wants to come from other parts of the country ( states)?
It is so far from city, how do you live here?
What is the meaning of Aarohi?
How did you come to know about Aarohi?
How do you learn by your mind or by internet?
Difficult to imagine how without exam or teaching one can learn?