“WAR” This word is so huge for me. As soon as I hear the word history pops up in my mind. I want to run away from it. As a part of flocci I was supposed to introduce the topic. I was so nervous. I started reading about wars, different strategies of war and so on. I got the design from design team. I saw mind map. In one glance it gave overall Idea about the topic and different aspects of it. I became little comfortable.

I looked into activities, they looked interesting. It was different. I was now excited and looking forward to introduce this topic to children.

We started with war. Yes first activity was war through words. All sort of negative words were provided. Five minutes was given to prepare the same. It was fun to watch children struggling to speak those words with negative emotions. They shared the same reflection. The other activity was to watch two videos. Both the video were of wars. No name was given. Children observed them and then drew them on a chart paper. They named it as Modern war and traditional war. We made a song which can boost the spirit of soldiers for the war. We invested money in different businesses while the war was going on in our city/country as part of one activity. Some enquired if service industry included hospitals and decided to invest. Some invested more in food industry while some in weapons while no one spent their money on toys J. I enjoyed it. So many aspects of war were open for me now. It is now not overwhelming to me.

It took more time then I had estimatedL.