Want to change the goal

Good news – Two kids in project wanted to change the goal 🙂

They have been roaming around, just spending time here and there, trying to understand what they want to do and today they said its so bring I want to change the goal. Kitchen project is more exciting – we want to do something like in Kitchen.

I was waiting for them to come to this stage.

What does their goal means to them? What they know and what they want to do? What is their role?

Garden – I think garden is a beautiful place, It should have nature, not the nature which harms you like thorns etc. thorns are also nature but they are bit uncomfortable I want to make a comfortable nature garden, I will go around, speak to my peers, how are they planning to work. What do they mean by garden? She made a mind map “what does garden means to her and what she would like to do?” She said I am still explroing the process, I want to undserstand the process.

CAFÉ – I have done nothing. I think I need to find out from my peers what they are doing? Café means to me………..she is still exploring and working on it.

I enjoyed this journey. I enjoyed my observation, I enjoyed their struggle, I enjoyed their journey………….yet to travel a lot.