As a 19th climber in rock climbing session ‘wait’ helped me to climb. During the time I was waiting I was either observing others or imagining or explaining about rappling (my motivation to climb so I can rapple down). This exercise of WAIT helped me tremendously to climb.

Often ‘wait’ is considered boring, frustrating or wasting time. I never knew I could enjoy ‘wait’ and learn tremendously. While I was waiting I was imagining myself climbing that rock feeling my struggle and listening to other’s struggle. While waiting I learnt that I just need to conquer that first step and then I could climb up. Before I started climbing I could feel my struggles and achievements. Before I actually climbed I felt the rock 18 times through other climbers. As a 19th climber I felt it was the combined effort of all to take me to that height.

Before this session we had session with Casper where he spoke about being with rock, observing it for hours and I felt ‘I may no be able to spend that time”. After waiting and watching and observing for that one rock for 5hrs I can relate to what he was saying. I felt so much closer to rocks not only as entertainment or adventure but as sometime live existing in our lives. I made connections with that rock and lived with it.

I truly admired that WAIT.

Thank you Sussanne and Kowshik for patiently giving space to each one of us to climb. Thank you for being such a great coach. Enjoyed every moment.