Visualize to Learn


Jatre on visualization was to introduce kids to this tool.

Lets help kids to get used to this wonderful tool. At the end of this note are some link to resources for parents/ facilitator.

The session began with pondering
What is visualization?
How it is different from seeing?
How is it diffierent from dreaming?

It is special imagination -in visual form.
In visualisation you visualize in details.

We played around with a visualization of pink elephant in our courtyard to get an idea of imagining visually.

One can use visualization

  1. To learn something -skills– specially to teach our bodies to work ‘perfectly’ in a particular way – a lot of sports people use it to practice and perfect thier skills – train their hands and bodies to move in a certain way. All one has to do is to visualise moving one’s body in the prescribed way over and over again. One does not move the actual body – just visualise one’s body doing it over and over again – so many times that the mind gets trained to move the body in that way.
  2. To experience something– one does not all the time go somewhere or do something – one can always do it vicariously. We did a sensorial visualisation of eating a yummy chocolate. We can also take others on a journey – this is called guided visualisation (GV) – this can help people learn a content area or just experience. We did a guided visualization of innards of a clock and how it works. Use this link forguidelines for doing a guided visualisation(GV).
  3. To plan and overcome a feeling (fear, anxiety). One can visualize a positive or safe outcome and this helps in reducing fear / anxiety etc. It also helps to go though the details and hence plan a series of actions to perfection and joy.

Tips to help children visualization –

Guided Visualization to help kids cope up with worries –