Visualization or Imagination or Thinking in mind?

One of the week was “visualization”. Kids went through stimulation on what is visualization – we did few activities to explore visualization for learning, for detailing and use visualization to learn from different perspectives.

Kids shared

  • I explored Tangram and Pentominoe through visualization. I understood accounts better by visualizing the transaction first . I explored visualization for learning by first visualizing the concept and solution before actually attempting to do it. For me Visualization is imaging for a reason, in depth, for a output or with a meaning. When visualization is not merely seeing pictures in your mind but seeing knowledge and learning. Imagining something so it will benefit me and help me Before my understanding was visualize consequences before doing something, visualize in detail – colour,shape,size but now detail is also weight,texture,dimensions,time e.t.c. I also worked on being with/taking care of nature objective also.

  • Dreaming I see the model, in thinking I see in my mind, imagination is same as visualization. Dreaming is same as imagination.

  • I was visualizing when I was listening to someone – how it will be and so on. I was listening to a joke, I was visualizing the funny feeling. I was visualizing the step by step process. I was visualizing before going to vet will puppy be cooperative. I was visualizing puppies in western toilet as their new home. I was visualizing them getting comfortable with different environments.

At the end of the week I asked “What is the difference between imagination, dreaming, thinking and visualization?”. I did not want them to answer, so I left them with their understanding.

It was interesting how different children worked on this new concept of visualization for learning. One of them kept on pondering and expressed “I actually did not work on visualization, I was doing the same, what I know, I did not explored visualization”.