Visit to TNEB


We use electricity, we use it in many different ways. Electricity has become an important resource to live e life.
Wondering where does it comes from? A trip to electricity board gave an insight into this vital element of our lifestyle.

Visit to Tamilnadu state electricity board
– The officer shared that it is a 33kva power station, supply to 40other transformers in Kelmangalam.
Hmm….what is KVA? How does ot gets power supply? We could only know that we measure power in three units – KWH, KVA, and HP. This added further confusion of what are these added terms ( KWH and HP)? We satisfied ourselves by knowing that these are units like litres and rupees.

He shared and emphasised the importance to save power and gave some tips to save power. He shared in house design give importance to ventilation and lighting. In the absence of ventilation and natural light, we consume more electricity. Use ISI marked equipments for fridge, fans, geyser and all other electrical usage. Filaments bulbs consume more power compared to LED, so use LED . One LED consumes power equivalent to 12 filament bulbs. More we consume, less we leave for the future. Even producing power consumes power.
Hmmm….So true, half the battle can be win by just saving it or rather not misusing. And using with care.

There are 20-30 ways to generate power like thermal, nuclear, a particular wood is heated the power is generated, hydro and few more. Power is transmitted is from source to various sun station s and then to homes.
Hmm…power can be generated. Then why not generate by ourselves? Can there be more ways to generate?

Few questions we asked
Why does power cuts happens – three main reasons – fuse is blown due to wind blow or tree fallen down and shortage happens or any maintenance is happening.
How to decide hiw much power coming in my house? For any house if you are applying for power connection, you need to mention the consumption. For domestic purpose 4kw power is sanction.
Where all does the power goes? – 15 villages.
What is the material of these transmitter wires? 4kva wire, Aluminium and steel. 6mm and 8mm wires can carry 4kva power.
Hoe do you differentiate between Low tension and High tension – low tension is for domestic transmission and high tension line to transmit from one place to another place.

What are the poles for? – Only for support.

What are the black coated wire – old the homology we were using overhead power transmission. But there is power loss. In new technology we use black coated transmission lines which can go underground and the power loss is less.

What safety measures can we take? The distance is high enough from the ground. The poles are metal or cement poles not to be touched. 1300 people lost lives due to accidents. It is not advisable to touch the poles.

What is the price of one unit? Purchase of power is at the rate of rs 8.5 while we charge rs one from the consumers.

What are the black plates? Two reasons do the electricity dies not gets connected and if anything is blasted they get signals and

Revenue dept – They assessor from the electrical dept assess the consumption in each house using the meter reading and if the amount is not paid within 90 days then the revenue dept cut the connection and the defaulters to pay Rs 60 as fine 1.5% interest.

‘Plant tree anywhere’, was the message at the end by the officer who shared his time with us.

The trip was just a beginning to know our resources.