Visit to Police Station


Experiencing a visit to Police station to understand self and the systems around us.

Expressions and Emotions after the visit:Fear of police station, Police baton, prison, feeling of being in the police station, Experience of being locked in jail? Scary Handprints in Prison? Excitement? Feeling satisfied that I have visited jail also

IInterviewing Sub Inspector of Kelamangalam by children

When can I use 1098?
How will you track me when I call 1098?
How much time will you take to help if we call 1098?
Drink and Drive – how will you catch them?
If children drive the vehicle what will you do?
If the child does the crime, do we punish them?
What will you do in suicide cases and whom do you punish?
How will you catch the murderer?
How long will you keep the prisoner in prison?
What is the min and max time prisoners are kept in this jail?
What if Prisoner continues to do the crime again and again?
Have you used the Piston?
What if the child becomes pregnant and delivers a baby?
What will you do with the baby born to a child?
What if a girl is forced to get married by parents? Will she get help from the police?
What is tough forthepolice?
What inspired you to become Police?
What message do you give for children?
Do Police take a bribe? What is your say on corruption?

Thanked the Inspector for spending his valuable time for answering our curious questions. He was open and kind torespect children with love and also showed every section of Police station. Our deep gratitude to him and the people who are helping us!