Vasudaika Kutumbam

A letter by a Father on community living
You are in a community living with 20+ others. I trust that your life is getting redefined in Aarohi and what you will learn there will redefine your life for a long time. It could even make you lead a more enjoyable and fulfilling life.
A community like Aarohi isno differentfrom your family. Even in a family, not all 4 or 5 of us will have the same need, want or watch the same movie.
Even in a community, it is not like everybody will have the same need, same wish or want to each the same food.
However, a family or a community thrives on discussion, listening, cooperation and empathy.
If this is missing, not only do we struggle as a country, community but even as a family of 3 also, we would struggle.
I wish and want each of us in the family to practice and improve our sense of cooperation and empathy each day.
I would wish that you at Aarohi to be a fair participant in the community and enrich the life thereby watching for community members needsas much asyourown.
Trust me, just like fulfilling our own need, the joy of fulfilling other persons’ need is immense. One has to experience it.
We need more of our future generation to live and grow as humans than a member of a house, a city, state or a country. To me, we should lead towards “vasudaika kutumbam“.