Varlakshmi @ Campus

One person
One light
One idea

And that is what we had for Varlakshmi celebration at the campus. Leela, mother of Yashas joined us at the campus to share her style of celebration of Varlakshmi (live station @ Aarohi).

It was less about religion (for me) and more about the way things happened.

One coconut and it was converted into God.
Few flowers – and they were used for many ideas – Rangloi, God, showering……..
Haldi – used for puja as well as for decoration
Beetle leaves – used to make God statue and also to decorate
Extra Haldi(turmeric) paste to make Ganesha’s statue
A thin simple thread was used to light diya, and also tie flowers

I was in awe with the way things were made with limited material available at the campus.At the we had yummy Puran Poli and Rasams rice. Thank you Leela, We learnt a lot.