Unlimited possibilities – No typical day, each is different


We rejoice when we see a child leading himself and herself in so many walks of his/her life (just as they led themselves in learning how to walk).In their leadership of themselves they stumble, fumble, go astray, even come to a grinding halt. We rejoice, because this way they are developing into better leaders of themselves.
Perhaps we need to step back and invite them to live their own life. Perhaps we need to sit back and enjoy ourselves.

Let each child LEAD, Lead himself/herself, lead us.

EACH DAY at the CAMPUS is DIFFERENT Here are some glimpses from our life at the campus

Quiz questions created by different people in the different teams – all kind of questions came up – Dasa, busy airport, Teeth, Shark Fish, Water needs of a plant, Tiger, B or Bee, Monument, Coffee for god, etc

On-campus Community coming together in the morning with dance or music or singing and moving on to fay coordination – connecting with each other who is doing what, who needs to collaborate with whom, who needs what material, who has planned for any contribution, or who is thinking what and that’s all.

Just some material – lids and sticks
and some music to PLAY
And Play together

In teen Klub, Some of the words we heard and – CONSENT, COHERENT, WILLINGNESS, ONGOING, Gaslighting – manipulation. – assume, communication gap. Some examples “just because I gave chocolate last time, you need to ask for my consent next time also”.

Observing Seenappa anna repairing the swings

Then an empty tyre
And then an invitation from Leela to try something

Then some play with ropes

And then some creation
And then the story continues the next day…

music jam just like that!

no occasion

just celebration with music


Today was musical day – no planning, just like that, some musical flow and that’s all. Just explored drumming and some key-board and then music jam together

One started the art as part of Book Illustration klub – other’s joined and it was full on the art space with different strokes.

He wanted to have a health faucet at the campus. Invented this contraception at home with an uncle. He brought it all equipped to the campus – today washed toilets using this invention. Also can share in the exploration klub

It began with talking in smaller groups about the – COVID in my country and my understanding. And The mother codes, practices, And reality check of practices like temperature check, body check for health, and eating hands while entering the campus.
Our harvest
Most think that it is better than before and also a new spike. And we still need to be cautious and follow the practice. It may come back. Rumours about vaccines are confusing.
Inside the campus not following diligently, outside the campus the antennas are up and following the practices diligently.
Thermal check not happening at the campus as it should be happy happening.Tiredness, headache is consciously monitored.
Unless we always wear mask it always, it may not be practical to stop the spread.
We agreed that it is wise to still follow the general safety practices at the campus.
Implementation –
Wear Mask and consciously social distancing.
Inform parents about the practice of hand wash and thermal check.
Sanitize outside packets
Washing veg in the kitchen
Wash milk vessels
Reinforce with Akkas and annas on safe practice of hand washing and wearing masks.


Draw each other
What assumptions did you make for each other?
How assumptions works

Just got a few chickens at the campus

This brought a disturbance in the life of Pepper and Coco

Day one was very stressful for them

They are also getting used of this new discipline of accepting chicken’s presence at the campus.

Bad News – Last week at the campus we felt that the purpose of some of them to come to campus was to just meet friends. Good News – We questioned ”what is the purpose”
We asked this question to ourselves
What is the purpose?
To expect that all coming to the campus to be in DOING mode (100%)? Or do we want to convert all in 100% doing mode? The answer was no.
Then why this restlessness?
The next question was “what environment we want to create – is Aarohi a hangout place or learning pace?”
The answer was “learning community” and the environment which each one creates affects the purpose of the space. One can go to the temple and decide what and how much to be religious, but the temple is not a cafe 🙂
And we shared these questions and asked for a listening space
What is your purpose of coming to the campus?
What is your understanding of the purpose of the campus?
What is your role in creating an environment of doing at the campus?
What is your role in 6hrs of self/skill development? With all other time available like 5hrs of social time etc?
What is your understanding of the COVID guidelines and your participation in responsible living with the pandemic situation? Hugging, social distancing, sharing food, sharing water, masks, etc.
What is your understanding about the various guidelines at the campus like 10 o’clock silence and self-work onwards etc?
Inviting you for a discussion on the same to exchange thoughts, listen and question current practices.
Well, some thoughts, some sharing, some questions, some listening and that’s all – there was no conclusion, no promises made.
Some more processes like clearer messages on planning at home before coming were reinforced through a form and that’s all!
The good news we got to engage in a conversation, we got to question our purpose, we got to think and understand our actions and reactions.

We reflected with “What in you created your flow, your day? Flexibility, Courage, Observant, Responsible, Innovative, Create, Self-control, Co-operation, Flexible, Cautious, Courageous, Humour, Adaptable, Commitment, Express, Strategy, Understand, Listen, Care, Love, Curious, Honesty, Clarity, Sensitive, Communicate, Organised, Think or any other …We talked about it add to the journal.

And with parent pondered over
Challenges of open learning?
How does the self push come?
What if the child is leaving at the point when it is just becoming tough?
Will a structure of learning be more effective?
The pattern of leaving halfway?
Structure of Schooling makes you persist?
Why do we as adults not do all this in our life?
So the question is “Are these problems of open learning or the challenges in life?”
Persist, Find ways around it, Leave,
The quality of persisting or the quality of dragging around?
We all are in open learning the moment we step out of the structure, does that helps us to be persistent?
When do you trust the child?
Trust in myself that I can support?
How about separating out that these are the problems of open learning

Teaching to make paper bookmaking
Adding own ideas, and various materials to make it a “special book”.

Open learning means open to learn what one wants to learn. It sounds very to rosy.
The question arises when one v wants to leave what one is learning.
Talking to people around me
How about conversing about
Why something you want to leave learning or want to continue to learn?
What makes something easy to do or challenging to do?
What makes doing, learning, pursuing interesting or boring?
What makes you to leave to do something or continue doingsomething?
What makes something you to strat or stop doing and learning something

Working on making a campus model with clay – just like that. Some intricate work, some details, some resources, some connections, some imagination and some collaboration and that’s all

Playing a game of Chinese whisper together. With a variation of writing on the back and that’s all was the beginning of the day coordination with each other.

The chicken coop needed a system for the chicken to drink water. First made a sample and then the one working

resources – apart from resources getting cleaned up, sorted, and organized, I find it very exciting to revisit the possibilities with resources. It’s like finding treasure and creating unlimited options with the treasure.

I did Pancakes last week and I took 1 hour to make the pancakes. I didn’t know how to make pancakes, so I called Nikitha aunty to find the recipe. What took more time is the milk should be at room temperature. Chocolate sous were easy to make. What ingredients I needed were wheat, brown sugar, milk, and cocoa powder for the chocolate sous. After the pancakes were ready I realized that pancakes will cook fast. that is why my pancakes were black in the base.

Make your own Pani-Puri is one of the admired menus at the campus – Making of Pani itself is interesting, trying our recipe, making samples, and then finally someone else making the pani for all. And many tips bits added to make it our own way.

He makes “butter-milk” almost daily at the campus. TOday learning the skill of separating leaves from the stem was the highlight of the day.

Kabbadi is one of the games/sports we play at the campus. Initially, the response was “no Kabbadi, let’s play what we enjoyed yesterday (frisbee, ultimate), why Kabbadi”. And soon we got into the serious play of Kabbadi. Normally we play sports at the campus with all its intensity and rules of the game. At the same time ensuring space for all ages. Playing with all ages and different intensities is exciting, involving, engaging, competing, and cooperating.