Understanding the world around us

Frogs are slimy, yucky and wired.
Lizards bring screeches.
Snakes mean poisonous bites.
Are these some of the common images, impressions, and reactions about the insects and wildlife around us? At the campus with rain and heat frogs population has increased. Lizards, Spiders, and snakes were always around us. And all of them together brings screams, tendency to kill them or get scared of them. Well, a session on not the first aid or prevention was required but a session on understanding was required.
The objective of the session was to find out their role in our ecosystem system. We understood:
Lizards eat insects and keep us safe. So let’s make peace with lizards and very very rarely they can fall on us. Thousands of hairs in their palms helps them with their hold on the walls. Falls believe that if they bite us or touched by us will harm us, in fact they are harmless and lose their tails when in danger with our touch. If the tail breaks it can grow back. It’s just to save themselves.
Reptiles are cold-blooded they come out to get warmth, not in search of humans to take revenge? They help us by reducing the rodents population. We get sufficient for because they save our grains from the rodents. Snakes don’t drink milk. Snakes don’t take revenge, they don’t have emotional memory. Snakes don’t take eyes out. Maybe they are less hazardous than stray dogs. So its absolutely safe to live around them and there is no reason to kill any shake (venomous or nonvenomous) or displaced them.
Frogs are not ugly it’s just that they have thinner skin to help them to breathe. If the skin dries it will suffocate the frog. Frogs help us by eating insects and reducing their population.
“Bees” does not always means sting. In fact, most cases honey bee die after the sting. They sting only when they feel the danger to their beehives and gives have their babies. Bees don’t make honey for us but they use the protein of the nectar of flowers to feed their babies. In the process of collecting nectar, they help us to grow food by pollination. It’s said that they are responsible for every third bite of food we eat. Isn’t it a good enough reason to save them and get little more educated about them. If they disappear we will also be wiped out from the earth.
Insects are huge in population and help soil conservation, cleaning the waste (dead insects), aerate the land and the list is long.
So what do we do when we feel yucky, scared or weird with their presence – scream, kill them or understand and still scream with understanding!