Understanding Retail business

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Understanding retail business and Statistics with Deep from Mumbai, he runs his retail shop of school supplies in Mumbai, Imagine Aarohi, where we learn from whosoever, can we…

Words we heard – FMCG, luxurious products, essential for day to day life, Target area, Target age, Target population, Margin, discount, competition, neighbor shop, mall, online, attractive offers, cost to company, expenses, GST, investment, re-invest, employee, salary, income tax, rent, interest,electricity, maintenance, deadstock, pushing sell, computer, wifi, income divided among families, charity, expenses, MRP, cost to company, start-up, turnover, broad thinking, seasonal sell, think different possibilities, potential customer, customer satisfaction, customer mentality and preferences, stockist, demonetization effect, budgeting, stock market, and projected sell.He shared the role of statistics in daily life..data analysis, probability, possibilities, juggling between possibilities, statistics, prepare for both the possibilities, calculations, repetition, overestimating, underestimation, survey the products, understand what existing products,selling proportion, and thinking.

His business secret… Don’t think your expenses as expenses, consider it that through one business, many other homes are running. It’s not dividing the income, but it is more about co-creating the living and earning. Think of different possibilities in business and keep scope for failures!