Understanding Government


A trip toTown Panchayat office was enough to understand many civic chapters. Themore important was to understand the working around our area – who arranges for the water? who is responsible for electricity? Who builds roads? How is garbage collected? What is govt around us?

GOverenmnt is a very broad term, we never get to see government. But we get to see the work happening – roads are there, water is flowing in taps, electricity is coming, schools are running, garbage is being collected, drains are being cleaned or made or repaired. SO we experienced a part of the govt and the outdoor trip to the govt office was an attempt to understand that small unit of govt called “Panchayat Office”.

The entire session was making notes on data and recording numbers

The total population is 13,321, 6.5 square area, 15 wards, 2 upgrade. Krishagiri constituency. 29 offices come under Town panchayat.

15 Wards – Anna nagar, Netaji nagar, Nehru Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Ganesha colony, Anjenaya kovil street, Mariana kovil street, Sowedeshwari kovil street.Veerupakshi kovil street. Patalamal, Mahatha Gandhi road, Jeeva Nagar.

Staff – one executive officer, 3 junior assistance, one, record clerk, one. bill collector, 1 officer, 3 watchmen, one supervisor, 16 sweepers. Total 17 people.

One of the freedom fighter Rajai is native of near Kelmangalam, Patapalli. Famous temple is Pattala temple in the 13th ward.

Water supply – Water comes from Sanat Kumar river. Which joins Cauveri. There are many water catchment areas around this area.

No open wells, 39 borewells in all 15 wards. 13 motors. Total 3000 houses and 800 houses get water supply connection. Public Taps 230. Mini power pumps, mini syntex tanks 30. Seven Overhead tank gets supply from Hoggenekkal water schemes. 3lakhs to 30000 liters water capacity. Total 7lakhs 40000 lights supply every day.

For domestic connection deposit Rs 3000/. Monthly Rs 100/-. For commercial supply Rs 5000/ deposit and

Per person, the average is 77litres per person per day.

Street lightening – 326 street lights. Tube lights 386. 125 CFL, 100 LED. 1 Very tall towers. Altogether 612. The average bill is 18lskhs per year. Materials and maintenance are 25lakhs.

Toilets – If any house builds a toilet, they get Rs 8000/ from govt.

Waste management – Wet waste gets composted in the composting yard.

The 5acre land is given by the govt is water segregation. They get Rs 30 lanks grant is given for building the waste yard facilities.

Education – One library, one veterinary hospital, one higher secondary, 2 middle and one higher and 3 panchayat union.

One police station, one post office. One cooperative bank, two national banks. One hostel and one telephone exchange, one regulated market.

Main occupation – weavers, agriculture, and work in other factories.

Vehicles – daily cleaning has one tractor. One tipper lorry and 24 pull carts.

House for all – 31 houses constructed. 2.4 lakhs grant is given to people below poverty line. Basic needs of water, electricity, shelter, and hygiene is taken care.

One community hall in ward no 12 is given for marriage ceremony at the low cost of rs 3000/-. Includes water, toilets and electricity services available.


Can people from other places come here? Yes, and census takes care of the population. Death and birth certificate is given by town panchayat.

How do you separate the ward? On an Average 500 population in each ward with an exception of 2000 population.

Source of Revenue – property Tax, water connection charges, professional tax from commercial establishments.

In case of fights/ conflicts – Any problem related to services (civic) is taken care by the Panchayat. But people conflicts are taken care by the law ( police).

If any animal is killed in forest – all legal activities are taken care by forest dept, but cutting if any tree within the ward limits is taken care by Town panchayat.

Road repair comes under Block development officer.

Phew! It was just a beginning to understand that its not only panchayat but it has many layers – Gram panchayat, Town panchayat, Panchayat union, Zila

Phew! It was just a beginning to understand that its not only panchayat but it has many layers – Gram panchayat, Town panchayat, Panchayat union, Zila Pancayat …..