Understand Fire


We needed cooking fire to cook for a larger group

Bigger LPG gas stove was one choice

but there are other choices too

We decided to explore other choices

And that became a reason o understand fire

We made new chulha – now we needed to test fire it (does it work?)

Well, that brought an opportunity to understand fire!

Few questions – What is common in each – LPG, Biogas, Fire cooking? What is getting burnt or what is used for fire? Any fire to start burning what do we need? What is fuel? Where does paper, twigs come from? How do we get rice husk to get burn? Solar – sun rays,

And we just flew with the flow and heard few more words – Biogas, Methane, gas, bacteria, LPG liquid petroleum gas, Rocket oven, Gasifier, Chula – wood gas, Vapor, fire, Anything to burn, Carbon in the form of fuel and oxygen in the form of air, carbon Dioxide, smoke. Chimney, smoke, Ignition gas+air+spark, heat

And the Chulha did work!
We will learn more next time
We will try something else and ponder some other aspects of fire!